Many weed seeds remain viable for years, emerging when all conditions are particular and perfect.

The idea you had in a fleeting moment of brilliance and communion with all things lays dormant, listening… time to break through the barriers and impediments when they are at their weakest. This timing is not always obvious to mere mortals.

Gratitude when things flow with seemingly flawless choreography. Timing. Who’s timing? What dictates the cosmic order…the cycles and swing of the pendulum, Earth, as she spins and wobbles in the sunbeam?

Do you honor the tenacity of the seasons? Do you trust Flora’s timing as she dictates the terms of her own existence? What can we learn from her?

Do you measure out each seed in precise number and spacing?Are you careful and conservative in your sowing or does the wind giggle with you as you cast about with abandon?Is your heavy hand a testimony to generosity of spirit or a distrust that conditions and seeds will do the jobs allotted to them?

Is deadheading part of your cultivation management? Do you hack and slash in a panicky desperation or with clear intention and purpose? Do you clip and trim to keep the ideas within conformity’s neat framework or…do you allow the plants to run with their urges, scattering notions to all who will listen and allow?

Perhaps you force your garden into submission, timing and training as you feel is best.Maybe you encourage and discourage by gentle courtship, asking as much as telling. At least once you have let the garden become a monster, breaching borders and transcending it’s own identity.

Many weed seeds remain viable for years, emerging when Hope is all that is left to carry Life toward the Light.

Christine Jacobsonweeds, poem