Square Peg Round Hole

square peg (2).jpg

I've gotten to the point in my life when I realize there  is no perfect fit. We don't just reduce to the Yin and Yang in precise measure. The best we can hope for is Harmony. I like that yard stick as it allows for growth. It allows for expansion and contraction as the seasons require. Its a dance, an experience in motion. Today may feel like square peg round hole...zero fit. Tomorrow the parts may shift. This is where discernment is instrumental. Will the fit be tight and constraining? Will someone's hip go out of wack in order to make a connection, to be receptive? Will someone feel they have to become so very small, as to almost disappear, in order to fit into another's world?

Well then, we can dance and decide because that's what Free Will is all about.

round hole (2).jpg
Christine Jacobson