I feel like maybe the parts that are attractive to you…these parts that are more superficial, are likeable pieces I must throw off periodically, as ballast in order to elevate and survive the pressure of my circumstance, of my ego’s chatter and my Heartspeak.

The remaining pieces are less attractive, somewhat gristly and serious. I strip down to bare bones and my teeth clatter and my clothes tatter and my toughness is not built to penetrate or aggress but to blunt the blows and bear this burden of life. So beautiful and sacred. So filthy and untamed.

Though I know I am a Fool, I can’t joke it away. I can’t cover it or lighten the shadows when I am in the thick of this dark. I can only try to rekindle my fading ember with serious Love, serious Heart and focused breath.

And since I can only find peace in Love, I must cultivate it within me, to carry and be carried, to offer and be offered, to shine and be shined on when that deep darkness will not yield to my pleading song.

Christine Jacobson