Why would anyone think that?

Are you happy?

I am, but alas, sometimes overly pinned by self-criticism and judgment.

Riding the tide of fullness…of having plenty and realizing one has been gorging like a tick, bloated with consumption. How can we recalibrate? Seems important, given the crises that are upon us. Well. Some say removing all external elements in order to feel the reality…but isn’t the reality the one you make? The one you claim? Sensible or not, pure or not. Reality is your thoughts manifesting an experience.

I need a mentor. Someone who thinks like I do but is further along some kind of path toward universal truth. I’ve confided and relied upon a Loving Guardian of Truth but…not but…and…I may just amp it up a notch and look for a Loving Guardian of Universal Truth. That’s big. That’s beyond Earth. That’s beyond us. That is energy. Is that not what our stellar astronomists measure? Energy. Vibration. Bouncing along the spectrum of possibility.

Yup. That sounds right. That’s fucking music.  A muse.

Feeling frisky. Feeling like I need to exchange with someone. Who could that be? Myself? I also need someone to mentor. I have lots to offer.

I want to open up my sanctuary to others…it is not enough sometimes to ruminate by myself. Sometimes I just want to share.

Christine Jacobson