What's in the name?

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Why Earth Wind & Fiber? Why this name?

Earth Wind & Fiber illustrates my experience and my intentions.

Born an air sign, on the Wind, I dwell in my mind, among all the imagined ideas and integrating the data from my senses. The Wind is one of my Spirit Animals. The name SkyBreather came to me in a vision when the stars saw fit to open a portal while I waited for sleep to descend. On the heels of that whispered name, my grandmother stepped through and squeezed my big toe. It was welcome, unlike in real time when it marked the need to wake from my teenage slumber. I did not like to be touched and felt violated back then. Through the portal, however, it was a clear message that I was not dreaming, that I was in the presence of the ancestors, and this time it was a comfort.

I tend to spend time playing in clay and digging in the dirt. It grounds me, important for an air sign to actively do. Earth is our common home. We are Spirits tethered to her for a time. As a child I spent a great deal of my solitude with Nature. I walked with her and talked to her and noticed the sounds, smells and colors around me. I made friends with her. Shell soup and all. That relationship is the Fiber piece. The presence of the tree, of the garden, of the sinewy seaweed…all evidence of Universal Magic manifested on Earth.

These elements are what make up my life. Water is not named but is present in the existence of Earth with Life in her breath. Fire is the sun and passion and love that spurs Life on. I am moved every day to notice and give gratitude and find sanctuary and peace in this earthly experience…even when there seemingly is none readily available…even when the darkness harbors so many unknowns.

So I try to make friends and embrace the shadow that enters the doorway ahead of my senses. I choose to write it down and mark time with a few of my own notches…not for ego’s sake but for that of my shared humanness.