Vulnerability Equals Courage

Here we are in a perpetual state of Earthly Limitation. As latent, fortunate sons we feed ourselves with things like Joy and Abundance. We know the garden well. We are inside the plenty and we are limitless but for the knowledge of whatever is on the other side of our shadows.

As we grow we accumulate experience and conditioning that is gifted to us through our parents and caregivers, our teachers and society. We become a fabrication within the construct. At some point our awareness outruns our daily routine of being a product of our environment. Is it our Nature that finds a voice? Is it a set of circumstances that allows for a glimpse behind the door to another world, another way? Do we come to some sort of keening moment when we feel the greatest discord with our influences?

The garden we cultivate feeds us. And then we want more, not knowing what more is. So we eat the forbidden fruit and we take a risk and we err on the side of what will be will be and the formidable wisdom that we have been carrying acts as a key in the lock of the door to the other side of our experience. Having reached a peak we admire the view then begin the descent and find our state to be similar but wholly different because we made the climb not knowing if we would reach the top or how long we’d remain there and we made the climb on faith that we could endure the inevitable decline. We tumble and maybe crash into another landscape, one that is not so sculpted or seemingly suited.

This vulnerability is our best self. This willingness to try, to risk, to endure is our crossroads. It is where we exit the construct and give our presence to unnamed possibility. It is where we truly live.

Christine Jacobson